I’m a fashion business advisor and mentor. After Graduating with Honours in Fashion and Textile Design in 2004, I began some deep research into establishing my own style blueprint before completing a Postgraduate in Coolhunting and Branding at EATM.

I have worked as a fashion designer for men, women and shoes. Plus, as an art director, fashion writer, university teacher and graphic textile designer. These roles have led to me adapting to different company philosophies, hierarchies and working methods, travelling the world and working throughout Europe, America and Asia. I finally realised that my role in the fashion industry was one that had not even been invented yet; A role created by me because it reflects who I am; A creative thinker, fashion intelligence implementer and business strategist.

Developing all these different careers in the fashion industry gave me a holistic approach, a strong vision and above all, an understanding of my true professional value within the industry. That was the turning point when my path became clear to me. I established myself as a freelance professional and I started to attract work from many different sources. My clients really appreciated that I was bringing something unique to the table which connected to their true needs and could really help them make a difference in the market.

I’ve realised that talent, passion and will are strong values but if you don’t channel them in the proper way it can end up being time consuming, a waste of money and above all frustrating. It can be difficult to find the necessary resources to help us create a clear link to our goals and aspirations, identify our place in the market, what is lacking and develop a strategy accordingly.

I would say that one of my main achievements is that I have enabled many different factories and brands worldwide to make significant improvements in their performance by implementing successful made-to-measure strategies.

Using my knowledge and expertise, I’ve created a method to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their goals much easier. By guiding them in developing their own coherent and professional processes, I enable them to set up brands that are not only creative but profitable.

I love being a connector and bringing all my passions together by helping people on their path to discover their purpose within the fashion world. By giving them the benefit of my experience in the industry from the networks I have created, to the global view I have adopted, I can help them fulfil their true creative potential.