We will design a made-to-measure strategy that fully engages your clients and elevates your creative and organizational proficiency far above that of your competitors.

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Want to grow your business by looking for new clients?
You want to increase the profitability of your business and feel that more clients would be the answer; But you can’t find the right person to help you implement this plan.

Does simply having a great product never seem enough?
You are confident that you are an efficient manufacturer with interesting products, a competitive price point and an excellent delivery system but you are still struggling to increase orders from your existing clients or attract new ones.

Are you finding it complicated to understand your clients sometimes?
You feel that your client is asking you to outlay too much upfront that won’t have any beneficial effect to your turnover; And you are finding it difficult to ascertain where, when and how best to invest in your business for optimum results.

Do you aspire to delivering an excellent design service but don’t know how?
Offering a design service is a great way to improve and adapt your products to meet changing market demands; But perhaps working with a supplier hasn’t given you the results you wanted. Finding independent professionals who understand your company’s potential and vision is not an easy task. You need someone that can help you create products that not only engage your clients but are feasible to produce and that make a substantial profit.


Enhancing a business’ performance is one of the main goals for every company; But to achieve quick results sometimes garment producers and factories just focus on expanding into foreign countries whilst implementing standard ad-hoc design. In order to establish a significant improvement in performance that will continue to grow year on year and to maximize the potential of your business, it is important to develop a strategy that takes into consideration not only your clients’ needs but the market situation, fashion trends and most importantly your company’s profile.

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This strategy is the answer to a new era in the fashion industry. Fashion trends are no longer a secret thanks to trend forecast websites and digital fairs but to be able to translate these into a successful product requires a true understanding of your client. It’s essential to cultivate a level of trust and relationship whereby the client feels confident that their needs are fully understood and that they will receive the highest standard of design and production service that reflects worldwide demands.

We will design a collection that reflects the latest trends, market demands and your company’s strategy; creating a product that is not only profitable but that effectively delivers on client’s needs. Starting with the mood boards, we will take care of everything from the fabric selection, colour palette, prints & graphics through to the final presentation and of course the client service. Our aim will be to provide much more than just garments; we want to have a valuable and trusted partnership for the long term.


[How it works?]
New Generation Fashion Forecast []
Taking into consideration key points such as your clients’ needs, market conditions, the latest fashion trends, your company’s status and its true potential.
5D Design Process []
Using a holistic approach and incorporating a more integrated design process. Introducing new and creative solutions that are feasible throughout the whole process.
Adaptive & Integrative Strategies []
Creating methodologies capable of delivering a big impact but also easily adaptable for continued performance in the future.
Client Trust Building []
Implementing all the specific actions to truly understand your client’s needs. This will have a direct improvement on results whether that be in design, production, market adaptability or service.
Whole Process Implication []
Being ready and able to react and adapt in any of the stages.
Company, Client, Product & Competitor Analysis
Set Strategic Actions
Trend Forecast, Design, Meeting & Presentations
Building the Process & First Results
Revise, Create and Implement New Actions
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[Selected cases]
Loose fit superbleached & over-dyed denim light Jacket and personalised Jacquard label part of a unisex set with a trouser in same effect. Images ©BERSHKA
Multicolor cargo trouser in earth tones and ecru part of a set with a waistcoat. Images ©BERSHKA
Basic Premium Fleece program in coordination with various suppliers. Images ©ZARA
ZARA Men-1 ZARA Men-1 ZARA Men-1 ZARA Men-1
Double hoodie combined with checked black&red Jacquard and black fleece with rubber and jacquard personalised label graphics. Special collection developed for asian market. Images ©ZARA
ZARA Men-1 ZARA Men-1 ZARA Men-1 ZARA Men-1