We will guide you in choosing and applying the latest techniques, developing professional skills and building the confidence to successfully launch a new brand onto the fashion market or relaunch an existing one.

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Do you have a great idea but don’t know where to start?
You are positive that you have a novel idea for a product which you are convinced will be a success but don’t know where to begin nor all the necessary steps to bring your concept to fruition.

Are you struggling to find the right professionals or suppliers to assist you?
You feel at a loss and don’t know where to get the help you need to move your project forward. You would really value someone to hold your hand through the process; teaching you the tricks of the trade and introducing you to the necessary tools and information you need to confidently develop out your idea. As your guide we would connect you with the most suitable professionals to bring your product to life and the best factories to produce your imagined design.

Are you afraid your fashion project will fail?
Don't be! Preparation is the key to avoid failure. It’s vital to ask yourself some important questions regarding your idea which we will then solve in our sessions together. Is your idea really that innovative? How can you make it stand out in the market? Where will you sell it? Through which channels? How can you communicate your marketing in a coherent and comprehensible manner? How will you effectively engage your target market?

Do you need a global view of the fashion process and a concise strategy to succeed in it?
A truly valuable idea is not just about the product itself. Attention to detail in every part of the process overseen by our fashion expertise, will give you the confidence that your brand will stand head and shoulders above the rest and will provide the market with something very unique.


Nowadays, we’re much more focused on the production and selling side of the fashion business; But in order to create a unique and successful brand that stands out, it’s important to conceive a holistic vision integrating not only the design and creative sides but an understanding of the full development process including creating new and adaptive systems.

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Through this process it will become clear what you really want to achieve. We will examine your ideas and goals but also your fears and everything that is holding you back. In the introductory session of 90 minutes and a further 6 sessions of 60 minutes, we will discover step by step the necessary tools to develop your own blueprint to bring to life your own fashion collection Throughout the process, the knowledge and tools you have gained, coupled with a more integrative view, will empower you to be a stronger professional. You will have developed your own processes and methodology that will enable you to easily adapt your business to continually deliver the best and most impactful results.


[How it works?]
Big Corporation Tools []
Taking advantage of this tools with proven success and efficient scalability.
Adaptative Strategies []
Together and step-by-step, we will create methodologies and templates that will help you develop your own bespoke and effective creative process to implement in the future.
Whole Process Knowledge []
The whole idea of this mentorship is to empower you to have a holistic approach with interconnected steps that you can apply and adapt easily.
Self-Empowerment []
If you have a great idea or a simple curiosity, I’ll teach you how to own your power and go for your goals.
Process & Result Ownership []
You will not only be able to create your process but also to supervise others with a wider and more integrated knowledge.
Owning Responsability & Building Self-Empowerment
Learning by Doing
Building a personal process & first results
Growing Knowledge and tools to go to action
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Fashion Mentoring Maria Seoane,
“Contacté con Miquel Àngel para crear mi primera colección. Tenía inseguridad, miedo y mucho respeto. Me encontré con una persona preciosa, extraordinariamente profesional y con un gusto exquisito que me acompañó y ayudó para hacer posible lo que hasta entonces había sido solo un sueño para mí.”
Fashion Mentoring Burcu Banusoglu,
“It is very simple to explain working with Miquel; efficient, positive and hard working! He has great knowledge on his area and if you need to call him on a Sunday and have a feeling such as you might gonna disturb his resting day you would be surprised... As he answers the phone at a textile fair doing market research.”
Fashion Mentoring Max Larsimont,
“The mentoring process is helping me more than a great deal in many ways. The different steps established enable you to express in a concrete way the ideas you have in mind (even if it’s a bit of an exercise sometimes! :)
Most of all, these technics help you to bring together the different elements you’ve imagined and saves you from getting lost. Lats but not least Miquel’s personality and human skills make this process even more efficient but mostly really enjoyable.”
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